Let’s admit it, streaming services have transformed how we consume our content. It has also changed our media consumption habits. In the 90s, when people went to movie theaters to watch their favorite actors on the screen, theaters were trying their best to give movie watchers the best experience.

Relaxing seats, appetizing snacks, and an all-surround system made the person feel as if they were enjoying watching TV from the comfort of their bed, fully immersed in the experience.

Why You Need a TV Bed

Movie-watching in cinemas also had its drawbacks. You need to reach the theater on time. No matter how comfortable the environment, you cannot fall asleep. You must get out of your cozy seats, get out in the cold, in the car and then settle in your bed. By the time you’ve reached home, the warm fuzzy feeling of a well-made movie or a romantic happy ending is long gone.

Now with streaming services getting release contracts for many films and series, your living room would have been your personal movie theater. At home, you can start watching the movie when you’re ready with your steaming cup of coco, and even sleep on the couch.

But the mess to clean up the next day to make your living room more presentable can be a hassle. Taking back the blankets to the bedroom, fluffing up the cushions, and clearing the space of popcorn bits. Not to mention the neck ache from sleeping in an awkward position the entire night.

TV beds are a great way to skip all the hassle. You can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows in bed without feeling uncomfortable sitting long hours on the couch. There are many other reasons to have a TV bed in your life.

So, unless you’re still living in the 90’s, here are all the reasons you should invest in a TV bed:

1.      Don’t Mess Up Your Common Room

Living room is a space which is used by multiple family members. If you’re alone too, the living room is probably the first area visible through the door of your house.

Even if you’re watching TV at night, cozying up on the couch with pillows and blankets, you will have to clear out the mess in the morning. If you’re watching TV on a TV bed, you’re using pillows and a blanket on the bed. So, clearing it up in the morning won’t take much time.

2.      Away from the Living Room Chaos

One of the benefits of TV beds is that it is away from the noise and chaos of the living room. You can just close the bedroom door and enjoy your privacy alone or with someone.

Also, TV beds are a great choice if you want to enjoy TV watching comfortably without cramming uncomfortably on the couch.

3.      Space Saving

If you don’t have a large living room or not a lot of room on the wall to mount a T V in the bedroom, a TV bed is a great idea to save space. It can also save a lot of space in the sense that you don’t have to place furniture in the bedroom to place the TV.

The TV also goes in to make the room look spacious and not cluttered.

4.      Aesthetically Appealing

A TV comes with a lot of wires and connections. With a TV bed, you can only not hide the TV when not in use, but also the mess of wires.

Also, with the range of materials and colors that TV beds come in, it is a huge step up from the regular bed and wall-mounted TV. Also, House of Bling Furniture offers a range of different TV beds with amazing designs that look quite stylish.

5.      Enjoy the Cinematic Experience

Nothing can replace the all-surround sound of movie in a theater. However, when you’re watching TV in the living room, especially at night, you have to keep the voice down. If you have a TV bed, you can close the door to make sure that you don’t disturb the rest of the house or wake sleeping kids. Since the TV is close to you, you can hear every word and sound clearly.

Summing it Up

TV Beds are a great investment if you want your bedroom to look stylish, want to enjoy movies without cramming up uncomfortably on the living room couch, and you want to enjoy the cinematic experience from the comfort of your home.

Author Bio:

Kamil Riaz Kara is a content contributor at Mainstream and associated with digital marketing for the last seven years. Presently working at Digital Eggheads, a digital marketing agency in Pakistan