Today, diversity can help alter the permanent mindset of the consumer and result in better brand recognition. This is particularly pervasive in marketing, which means organizations should work harder to integrate the two. Are your marketing teams diverse? Are your campaigns aligned from a multicultural perspective? 

There aren't just benefits of diversity in the workplace. There are benefits to putting diversity as a priority in your advertising and marketign teams you aren’t asking yourself these questions, you should be! Let’s discuss the importance of diversity in advertisement and marketing teams. 

Why Does Diversity Matter in Marketing Teams?

Diversity and inclusion allow organizations to target new customers and more effectively target their intended audience. Here are a few ways this is relevant.

  • It gives you the ability to influence ethnic groups

Marketing campaigns often miss influencing particular minority or ethnic groups. If you have a member of your group with a certain ethnic story, they can help to add understanding about the behavior of these minorities. This makes it easy to market to them and make sure they don’t get lost in the campaign. 

  • It means you can hit the appropriate age categories 

Like having people from various backgrounds and different ethnic stories, having a mixture of age groups is beneficial. Different sets of generations are likely to have different perspectives on important issues. This means that people of all age groups can contribute to a conversation, and it can often provide a competitive edge to have many different voices and perspectives in a single room. If your competitors have a homogenous group generating their ideas, it’s difficult to go in a new or fresh direction. 

  • It improves hiring 

When people get to know a company, the culture it has, and the inclusivity it supports, everyone wants to be part of it. No one wants to work for a company with poor diversity and inclusion. Glassdoor shows that 2 in 3 job seekers consider a diverse workforce to be an important factor. If you’re marketing DEI, then you’re doing something right. 

Diversity Improves Brand Reputation 

Diversity and inclusion are critical topics in business, and companies want to be seen as taking both these topics seriously. If your brand is committed to DEI, research shows that more people are likely to have a positive experience with your brand and become loyal to your company. 

If your company isn’t considered diverse or inclusive, some customers won’t see the value in spending their hard-earned dollars on your products and services. Being diverse and inclusive also sets you apart from your competitors as an employer of choice which is critical if you’re looking for top talent. 

Final Thoughts 

Consider diversity as a top factor next time you’re marketing your company. Remaining committed to DEI action and integrating it into your marketing department can help boost your reputation, attract top talent, and get your business more sales.